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Making Sustainable Finance Accessible

We offer organizations access to the leading green financing marketplace in the U.S.

Companies use Green and ESG-linked financing to improve sustainability and lower capital costs.



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Popular Services For Investors:

- Sustainable Bonds and Loans
- Green Bonds and Loans
- Impact Investing Solutions

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Popular Services For Corporates:

- Sustainable Bonds and Loans
- Green Bonds and Loans
- Assessment of Sustainable Finance Framework

Key Benefits

Assessment of Sustainable Finance Framework
Build Reputation in green/sustainable finance
Gain investors/
Lenders Confidence
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Why FreeWorld Finance?

- Access to marketplace of Green and Sustainable Finance              Transactions

- International team (U.S., LATAM)

- Leading independent verifier of green and sustainable finance      transactions (SPOs)

To grow profits while improving your company's environmental impact, you must master the basics of business sustainability
Companies come to FreeWorld when...

They seek a competitive advantage from a sustainable brand image 

Their team lacks access to sustainability solutions (i.e. green financing)

Their sustainability plan hasn't driven improved profitability 

They don't know where to start with ESG & sustainability



Make More Profit 

Reduce operational costs in 2021 using sustainability action plans & 'Sustainable Finance' products


Attract New Customers

Separate from the competition & grow market share:
- Become 'Sustainable-Certified' 
- Publish your own sustainability reports


Align Company Values

Boost company culture & customer loyalty through products & processes which help the health of the planet and its people 

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We understand what it feels like to be confused about your company's
carbon footprint and sustainability plan.

+100's of companies use sustainability & 'Sustainable Finance' products to reduce costs and shrink emissions.

Top companies and brands use Sustainable Finance products to align their sustainability & financial strategies 

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How Companies Profit with Sustainability


1. Sustainability Program

Certify your business & products using a Sustainability Framework.
Set up your framework in 5 minutes using our Sustainability Questionnaire.
We provide sustainability goals & action plans suitable for your business.

Reduce business costs with energy and sustainability improvements.

Certify products as "Sustainable", aligned to the Paris Climate Agreement, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Net-Zero Targets, etc.    
Report sustainability using TCFD, SASB reporting disclosures. 


2. Get Financing (optional)

To incentivize your sustainability targets, get a 'Sustainability-Linked Loan' through our network of lenders.  
Sustainability-Linked Loans cut financing costs for your company by rewarding achievement of your sustainability goals with lower interest rates. 

Grow your company's bank account while creating sustainable products & practices.


 3. Monitor and Report   Your Progress

Publish your sustainability progress using our sustainability reporting. 
Report sustainability using TCFD, SASB reporting disclosures.
Engage new customers, partners, and investors through annual sustainability reports.

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