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Invest in 'Sustainability-Linked' & Green Finance?
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FreeWorld Finance makes it easy for businesses to access 'sustainability-linked' & green financing.
Lower interest rates and real impact on your ESG initiatives. 

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Source Leads for Sustainable Borrowers


1. Review Borrower Loan Requests

Review business loan requests on the FW Loan Pipeline.  Each business has a sustainability framework vetted by FreeWorld 

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2. Underwrite Sustainable Loan 

FreeWorld will help to create Sustainability-Linked Loan (SLL) documentation out of your existing loan templates.  Underwrite SLLs using your own LOS system. 

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3. Review Borrower Sustainability Reports

FreeWorld provides quarterly reporting on your sustainable loan portfolio. 

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4. Achieve sustainable portfolio goals

Use Sustainable Portfolio Reporting to monitor overall sustainability goals, and for SASB and TCFD disclosures. 

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Execute Sustainable Finance Transactions

Source Leads for​

Sustainable Borrowers

Mitigate Risk with
Second-Party Opinions

Execute Sustainable Finance Transactions

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1. Sustainable Finance
2nd Party Opinion 

Verify Transaction Sustainability

FreeWorld verifies the quality of the Borrower's sustainability framework against industry guidelines:

- Sustainability-Linked Loan Principles,
- Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles,
- Green Loan Principles

Deliverable: FreeWorld 2nd-Party Opinion

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2. Underwrite Sustainable Finance

Underwrite the transaction based on verified sustainability metrics (KPIs) agreed upon between your firm and the Borrower. 

Deliverable: Sustainable Loan/Bond Document

Underwrite with Confidence

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3. Monitor Borrower Sustainability Progress

Easily Track Transactions

Stay up-to-date on financing adjustments based on the Borrower's sustainability performance.

FreeWorld' monitors Borrower sustainability KPIs and communicates any changes to the financing based on Borrower performance.  

 Deliverable: FreeWorld Sustainability Reporting

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Green and Sustainable Finance Transactions:

Investors participate in transactions sourced by the FreeWorld Finance Network.

Impact Investing Solutions:
Investors are looking to understand not only how ESG issues affect portfolio performance, but how their investments can contribute to positive environmental and social impact.

FreeWorld Finance provides solutions to help investors measure, manage & report on the social and environmental impact of their investments.

Mitigate Risk with Sustainability Reporting


Set Company Sustainability Goals


Monitor Sustainability Reports


3. Report to sustainability disclosure organizations (TCFD, SASB, etc.)

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