Execute Sustainable Finance Transactions


Source Leads for

Sustainable Borrowers

Mitigate Risk with Sustainability Reporting

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Execute Sustainable Finance Transactions

1. Sustainable Finance

2nd Party Opinion 

3. Underwrite Sustainable Finance

4. Monitor Borrower Sustainability Progress

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Verify Transaction Sustainability

FreeWorld verifies the quality of the Borrower's sustainability framework against industry guidelines:

- Sustainability-Linked Loan Principles,

- Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles,

- Green Loan Principles

Deliverable: FreeWorld 2nd-Party Opinion

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Underwrite with Confidence

Underwrite the transaction based on verified sustainability metrics (KPIs) agreed upon between your firm and the Borrower. 

Deliverable: Sustainable Loan/Bond Document

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Easily Track Transactions

Stay up-to-date on financing adjustments based on the Borrower's sustainability performance.

FreeWorld' monitors Borrower sustainability KPIs and communicates any changes to the financing based on Borrower performance.  

 Deliverable: FreeWorld Sustainability Reporting

Source Leads for Sustainable Borrowers

1. Review Borrower Loan Requests

2. Underwrite Sustainable Loan 


Review business loan requests on the FW Loan Pipeline.  Each business has a sustainability framework vetted by FreeWorld 

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FreeWorld will help to create Sustainability-Linked Loan (SLL) documentation out of your existing loan templates.  Underwrite SLLs using your own LOS system. 

3. Review Borrower Sustainability Reports

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FreeWorld provides quarterly reporting on your sustainable loan portfolio. 

4. Achieve sustainable portfolio goals

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Use Sustainable Portfolio Reporting to monitor overall sustainability goals, and for SASB and TCFD disclosures. 

Mitigate Risk with Sustainability Reporting

1. Set Company Sustainability Goals

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2. Monitor Sustainability Reports

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3. Report to sustainability disclosure organizations (TCFD, SASB, etc.)