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What part of Sustainability is is most important to you and your business?

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FAQ - Sustainability Framework: 


1. What is a Sustainability Performance Target (SPT)?

A SPT is a sustainability goal for your business! SPTs are tracked over time as your

company works towards better energy efficiency and less environmental impact.

Tracking SPTs helps you monitor whether you accomplish your goal of a more

sustainable business!

2. What is an Absolute Target vs. Intensity Target?

Absolute: Measures total output from the company. Captures the total emissions,

energy use, etc. of a business.

Intensity: Measures the output from the company based on another factor.

(i.e.  Total emissions per product sold, Total emissions per $1 of revenue.)

Intensity metrics allow for comparative analysis between businesses of all sizes. 

3. How do I fill out a Sustainability Performance Target (SPT)?


SPT Example:

"We commit to reducing our total carbon footprint by 30% by 2026"  


Target: Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions 

Target Type: Absolute (Total)

Target Change: 30%

Metric Movement: Decrease

Target Timeline: 5 Years

Intensity Metric: NA, Absolute target, 

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