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Sustainable Borrowers

Mitigate Risk with Sustainability Reporting

How FreeWorld 'Sustainable Lending' works

1. Review Borrower Loan Requests

2. Underwrite Sustainable Loan 

Review business loan requests on the FW Loan Pipeline.  Each business has a sustainability framework vetted by FreeWorld 

FreeWorld will help to create Sustainability-Linked Loan (SLL) documentation out of your existing loan templates.  Underwrite SLLs using your own LOS system. 

3. Review Borrower Sustainability Reports

FreeWorld provides quarterly reporting on your sustainable loan portfolio. 

4. Achieve sustainable portfolio goals

Use Sustainable Portfolio Reporting to monitor overall sustainability goals, and for SASB and TCFD disclosures. 

Sustainability Reporting for Lenders

1. Set Company Sustainability Goals

2. Monitor Sustainability Reports

3. Use reporting for sustainability disclosures

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At FreeWorld, we are committed to helping businesses build a better sustainable and financial future. 

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